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Have a killer idea for a story but don’t know where and how to start? We can help with motivation, planning, and fleshing out of ideas, plus help you stay on track with writing schedules and as-you-write reviews of your work.



Substantive Editing

Sometimes a manuscript needs in-depth structural analysis and modifications to make sure it works the way it should. When you need more than a polish, this is where you’ll find the services to help you tune the engine of your masterpiece.



Consistency Checks


Pacing and Structure


Thematic Review



Want an eagle-eyed editor to go over your manuscript and whip your grammar, spelling and punctuation into shape? When you need to buff your words till they shine, check out our copyediting services.



Grammar and Spelling



British and American Styles



Advanced Tenses



Style Checks



Final Touches

When your edit is done, consider getting some of these finishers to round off your project. Here are the final pieces of the puzzle to render your book professional and perfect!



Digital Formatting


Print Formatting


Cover Design



Have any questions? This section has the answers. If not, feel free to contact us.

Do any of these service packages include the others?

No, there is absolutely no overlap between these service packages.

We have carefully devised these service categories and the services within to serve entirely different aspects of your manuscript’s needs. Clients routinely take all the services at once, to give their manuscript the most thorough edit possible!

Must I request the various services in the order they're shown on this page?

Not at all!

The order shown on this page (mentoring services, substantive services, copyediting services, extras) is merely used to illustrate the full lifecycle of a typical novel’s editing. It’s a convenient framework within which to show off all the services we offer, but by no means will all of it be necessary for every single project.

Your story might be fine structurally, but need some tweaking of your spelling and grammar to really shine. Or your structure and grammar might be perfect, but you need a cover or interior formatting. Choose just what you need, and nothing more!


Are any of these services required for any others?

No, there are no dependencies between these service packages. You can select any combination you feel your manuscript needs.

Do I need to do the substantive edits first, and the copyedits later in a separate edit?

Not necessarily.

If you need both substantive (content) edits as well as copyedits, you are welcome to request both at the same time. On our one-pass readthrough, we will perform both kinds of edit for you at once.

Some clients do prefer to do the substantive editing first by itself, so they can focus on the structural changes we might suggest, without the grammar corrections being a distraction, and then later submit their manuscript again for the final copyedit. This is also a completely valid option.

Wait... If I get both substantive edits and copyedits done in the same project, won't I risk introducing new grammar errors as I update my manuscript?

That’s true, but not to worry; we’ve already thought of this, and we offer a free touch-up service to help you!

If you’re getting both substantive edits and copyedits done at the same time, take care to mark any big changes you make to the text in yellow highlighter. When you’re done, these marks will help us zoom through your manuscript super-quickly to check that your changed text conforms to the copyedit services you selected.


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