The King is gone. Long live the King!

When King Jakin Daxx the Third vanished on the day the world descended into chaos, all hope would have been lost if not for the benevolence of the new King Faeran.

Everybody knows that.

But all is not as it seems in this tale of treachery and magic when the missing king returns to reclaim his throne.

For Malakai Jenks, a peasant teen drawn into a power struggle he doesn’t fully understand, a brand new world awaits. Between the ignorant stranger he finds in the wilderness and the outcast Maaoteo clans, he is set to discover ancient secrets about the world, the magical Te’eta, and ultimately about himself.

Join our heroes on their quest to retrieve an ancient artifact of immense power, and go on a journey filled with giant wasps, hidden cities, and poison forests in a world divided against itself by magic gone awry…