Centuries ago, when the Great Virus emerged, all were blindsided… Except for the Eminent, whose founders prepared for the pandemic and successfully isolated their community within the walls of the Citadel. But the Eminent were not the only ones who survived. Eventually, the exposed Plebs gathered beyond the Citadel’s wall and built their own outer-wall to protect the sectors. To this day the Plebs still reside in these sectors, between two circular walls, still governed by the reigning Eminent who continually work towards an ultimate cure.

Now, during the 120th Eminent Alignment Ceremonies, candidates are to align, as always, with one Eminent match in order to partner and create the next generation of Eminent. But this year’s Alignment is far from ordinary as 17-year-old Ava Rayner, first born daughter of Chancellor Gwen Rayner and next in line for chancellorship, is a candidate. Everyone wants to know what kind of leader will she be. Will Ava meet her mother’s and the Council’s expectations as an Eminent loyalist, or will her judgment continue to be clouded by the memory of her father, the late Chancellor who went missing beyond the outer-wall?