In the north, deep within the embrace of the Ragged Mountains, a boy is plucked from his idyllic home in a brutal invasion, and his sister must follow desperately to rescue him.

Far to the south, Tharinya Andrade, the iron-willed queen of Illicia and very possibly the kingdom’s only hope of salvation from her husband’s lunacy, risks everything on a chance… A bare chance to win a crown for her son. Alas, when one dares grasp for power there must always be a cost, or so the Magisters warn all sensible men. Tharinya is no fool; she is prepared for what storms may come. After all, who can be declared worthy without her strength being tested in the fires of wrath?

Aeolus Salt is a simple soldier without a name, but righteousness and fighting for the king’s justice – these are noble things, worthy things, and they are all he needs. Yet justice and vengeance can be hard to tell apart in the vast shadows cast by kings and queens, and Aeolus soon finds himself far out of his depth and walking a razor-sharp line. One way lies redemption; the other, madness. What price might he be willing to pay to serve old loyalties?

Together, these four souls weave a tale of loss and redemption in a world slowly coming apart, stirred by dark things long aslumber and now awakening.

But there is a fifth player in this deathly game that should not be so easily discounted; an outsider from beyond the mountains at once more devious than the queen and more ruthless than the soldier, brimming with an old hatred that may yet undo them all.

Only one thing is certain: To those that manage to cling to survival, nothing will ever be the same.